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DJ CoiTy (real name Lewis Coit), is a 30 year old DJ and Producer from Bracknell, Berkshire. One of the tightest mixers in the Berkshire area, he hs been DJing since the tender age of 13 years old.

He first caught the DJ bug whilst the Happy Hardcore scene was first emerging circa. 1995/96 and began to spin tunes in his shed. Developing his skills on the turntables his musical style was beginning to mature somewhat and by 1998 techno and house music was becoming the staple diet of his sets.

First hand experiences of dance music included a trip to homelands festival at the age of 15 listening to the likes of Jim Masters, Christian Smith, Carl Cox, Layo and Bushwacka, and Mr. C. He even managing to get back stage with the help off Darren Emerson. He then went for the next 4 years. From this his first clubbing experience came when Darren Emerson played at Home nightclub on his 18th birthday. From here on DJing was all CoiTy ever wanted to do.

In 1999 he gained his first residency at Colours nightclub in Bracknell. Playing the warm up and late night slots every weekend for a few years. From this, more work would come with various guest slots on pirate radio, and DJing at numerous private parties over the next couple of years  

In 2009, DJ CoiTy met up and coming dance music talent RyKennon. Although there musical genres differed they instantly got on and RyKennon started showing him the ropes of production. Although Ry’s busy schedule meant they couldn’t work on tunes instantly, it got CoiTy wanting to take his DJing to the next level.

By 2013 Dirty Beat Records had snapped him up for a weekely slot on Thursday nights on This gained him more fans as the weeks went by. Coincinding with this also CoiTy and RyKennon began to get some of there tracks played at parties, most recently with their remix of Aswad’s – Shine.


2014 sees CoiTy & RyKennon developing their House sound with an old skool rave influence. Tracks like ‘Can’t Explain’ and ‘I Wanna’ seeing huge support on internet radio and parties alike. With the latter being signed to new label Bass Elements (due for a release early 2015).   Catch DJ CoiTy live every Thursday night from 8-10PM (GMT) on