Back And Forth Volume 2

Dubstep J-Tek Future Jungle

Release Date 24th October 2011


Track 01 : Lucas : Planet X

Track 02 : Electrux : Transmissions

Track 03 : Bennie D : Seal Bass

Track 04 : Stemfilth & Bongo Linton : Self Centred

Track 05 : Bojcot Selectah :Different Style

Track 06 : Beagle : Phoenix

Track 07 : Pressa :Out Tear

Track 08 : ViSible Sound : The Tribute

Track 09 : Madcap : Ghosts

Track 10 Strange Notes : Twisted Jungle

Track 11 Strange Rollers : Dread

Track 12 Galvatron : Rain Dance



With the second outing on our Back And Forth compilation series We have again taken great care to create a true reflection of what we are about here at Top Drawer Digital.
12 Fresh previously unreleased tracks to take you on a journey Back And Forth through genres including Dubstep J-Tek and Future Jungle, Perfectly encapsulating the ethos of Top Drawer Digital.
Kept unmixed with the DJ in mind the album still flows smoothly making it as at home on the iPod or in the car as on the dance floor.


Yoof(Sons Of Mecha)[Mecha Music]:love the album, sounding nice and varied

Lee Martin [Dusted Breaks] : Really good album overall and well put together but LUCAS - PLANET X takes the prize for me. Great tune!

VJ Air[Definition:Breaks] :great album covering a range of sounds... top work.

Ceos - Top album full of fresh beats n bass! Full support.

John Grief [Definition:Breaks] :a consistent album of quality

Morcee : this album is wicked!

Billy Bunter [Can You Feel It Media]: this is a very credible and cool release

Kid Chameleon : A very interesting album

MSHCode [ Anomaly / Rising Lantern] :Massive

Left/Right : Digging Pressa - Out Tear!

TRO - This is a superb collection of quality tracks

Top Drawer Digital


Remember our Nu-Rave Awards 3rd Placed Best Album Back And Forth is Still Avaliable.

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