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Pilgrim Talks J-Tek on Kemet FM

Pilgrim talks J-Tek on Joe Nebula’s Kemet FM 97.5 Show.
Gives Lucas a mention amongst J-Tek Originators Digital , Outrage and Modular.
Look out for the 2017 J-Tek Revival .
Big upz SSTaggat for the recording , check the full show / Pilgrim mix out here :
and check out Joe Nebula / Kemet FM here :


17 April 2017 Kemet FM  Music  Press  Radio Read more

Tony Rocky Horror’s Eon Tracks Premiered By Billy Daniel Bunter on Kool London.

We gave our friend Billy “Daniel” Bunter a fresh promo copy of our forthcoming artist album (Eon)by Tony Rocky Horror on Friday morning last week and this is what he had to say about it…..


The limited edition CD’s will be available for pre order soon and will be posted 27th June 2 weeks before the Digital Release on 11th July 2016

Keep your ears peeled for more info…


Check Billy “Daniel” Bunter out here :

Check Kool London out here :

Check Tony Rocky Horror out here :

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17 May 2016 Billy Daniel Bunter  Kool London  Music  Press  Radio  Top Drawer Digital Read more

Kiss FM Australia 1 Hr Promo Mix coming 10th January 2015

On Saturday 10th January an Hour long promo mix by Digitally Mashed of our latest album release 50 From The Top will be aired by Brewster B on Kiss FM Australia at 3PM (Local Time) / 4AM Sat Morning (UK Time).



2 January 2015 Kiss FM  Music  Press  Radio  Top Drawer Digital Read more

New Podcast Digitally Mashed Top Drawer Digital Show 18 -11-2014

Check our DJ , Digitally Mashed’s latest radio show on NSB Radio out now here  :

22 November 2014 NSB  Radio Read more

Lucas – Planet X played by Kutski on Radio 1

Kutski Plays Lucas – Planet X on Radio 1


5 November 2011 Kutski  Radio  Radio 1 Read more