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Label: Top Drawer Digital Records

Release date: 2013-08-12

Catalog number: TDDR036

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Gav Ley
Revelation (Lucas Remix)
Gav Ley, Lucas
Revelation (Strange Rollers Remix)
Gav Ley, Strange Rollers
Revelation (Eddie Voyager Remix)
Gav Ley, Eddie Voyager

Top Drawer Digital Presents

TDDR036 Gav Ley : Revelation

Gav Leys Revelation is a Deep, Dark, Emotion evoking piece of Minimal Drum and Bass accompanied by a full remix package that push all the angles.
Lucas stays firmly locked in D&B territory but picks up the pace with his remix giving it a totally different feel.
Strange Rollers drop the dial back to Top Drawer Digitals more usual 140 Bpm area and turn out a powerful Dubstep piece and finally Eddie Voyager takes you on an epic trip, a journey through Dubstep, Future Jungle, Drum and Bass and back home again.