Top Drawer Digital Presents

Lucas & Strange Rollers

Release Dates:

Beatport 09/04/2011

then everywhere else 23/04/2011


Lucas : Strange Shapes [Clip]

Lucas & Strange Rollers : Be Immortal

Strange Rollers : Nightmares [Clip]

A Three track EP with one track from each Artist and one collaboration between the two. All three tracks epitomise our musical ethos by crossing genres within each track.

Lucas kicks the EP off with Strange Shapes, An up tempo organ based Breakbeat track with Jungle style breaks layered over the main beat.The track builds with energy and intensity before breaking down to a sinister feeling half speed Dub section. A dance floor filler that will sit well in many different styles sets.

With Be Immortal, Lucas and Strange Rollers present a much more tekkie affair and push into much darker territory , an epic slowly progressing J Tek track that is pushed along by its big 4x4 kick .The dark horror style pianos and samples along with dark choir pads set the tone of the track as it evolves before it breaks down into a slow paced dub section.

To end the release , with Nightmares Strange Rollers keep you in firmly in the sound of darkness. it kicks off in a dubstep inspired fashion , a solid hard hitting bass , dark moody melody and Dark Pads accompanied by horror movie samples really immerse you in the dark vibe , the old skool breakbeats then come flying in and along with saw leads push this genre crossing track to another level before breaking backdown to its deep dark finale.